MILKA MILI | Principal

Milka Mili, the original conversationalist, forward thinker and Founder of the Conversation Agency has worked for high level clientele from the moment she began interning, learning from the ground up. Her passion for marketing, her innovative approach and her tireless work ethic have made her favourite among both colleagues and clients. An excellent communicator, Milka honed her skills with the Fashion Design Council of Canada, helping produce six seasons of Toronto Fashion Week. She then took her optimism to Toronto’s leading entertainment company, where she remained for eight years before making the decision to start her own firm, the Conversation Agency.

Milka has experienced immediate success with the Conversation Agency, largely due to her positive attitude and sincere commitment to her clients. Her enthusiasm for the unlimited potential of Social Media + Sponsorship has produced many inventive and original ideas, ensuring that her clients reach their target audience in interactive and unique ways. She is constantly on the cutting edge of her industry, thinking outside of the box and building new experiences for consumers.

ROB LOSCHIAVO | Conversationalist

Superstar conversationalist Rob Loschiavo began interning at the Conversation Agency after connecting with Milka via Twitter. Rob is a strategic and big picture thinker who is extremely well versed in the world of social media, as well as in sponsorship and event management. He is a rare and excellent communicator and loves creating connections and building relationships through these means. Milka immediately saw the enormous potential in Rob, and hired him as Community Manager allowing him opportunities to work closely with several high profile clients, including the global lifestyle brand Nikki Beach and Sapporo Canada. Rob’s previous experience includes a marketing and promotions internship with the radio station Flow 93.5 and he has worked on significant events such as the Juno Awards, MMVA’s, Toronto International Film Festival and Toronto Fashion Week.

Rob always takes a fresh approach to his role, constantly using his experience and originality to add value to his client work. His enthusiasm and creativity make him an exceptionally valuable member of the Conversation Agency.